Work with a purpose!

IDFC has been an integral part of the country’s development story since 1997, when our company was formed with the specific mandate to build the nation.

Today, IDFC is recognized as one of the India’s premier financial conglomerate. Our growth has been driven by the substantial investment requirements of the infrastructure sector in India combined with the growth of the Indian economy over the last several years. Our ability to tap global as well as Indian markets has made us the acknowledged experts in infrastructural finance.

Our diverse businesses offer you an exceptional opportunity to work, learn and grow horizontally as well as vertically. We encourage our employees to move across the functions, business units and believe that the organisation prospers only if its employees grow.

We are disruptor at heart and strive to be the trend-setter rather than a follower in all our businesses. Be it products, technology or processes, our endeavour is to differentiate and deliver a unique experience and in the process, create, tap and leverage new markets.
If you are ambitious and like to work in a challenging environment, then you are complementary to IDFC. We offer career opportunities that will excite and challenge you more than you ever imagined and there is no limit if you have the right attitude and know how to deliver on your role.

We are an employee-friendly organisation at the core and design our benefits, rewards and overall policies keeping employees at the centre. Our average employee vintage of over 5 years speaks for itself.

Our inset belief is that women and men equally matter to the bottom line of the company and are proud of our healthy gender-diverse workforce in the organisation.
We were set up with the purpose of nation building and we continue to live by that philosophy. So if you are looking to work for a purpose which is larger than your bank balance and the bottom line of the company, IDFC is the place for you.