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Corporate Governance Report


Being a professionally run enterprise with no single promoter or promoter group, effective board oversight and sound Corporate Governance practices are fundamental to the quest of IDFC Limited (“IDFC” or “the Company”) in delivering long-term value to all its stakeholders. Good Corporate Governance is intrinsic to the management of the affairs of IDFC.

The Company believes that sound Corporate Governance is critical for enhancing and retaining investor trust. Therefore, it always seeks to ensure that its performance goals are met with integrity. By adopting such a framework as it does, IDFC is renowned for exemplary governance standards since inception and continues to lay a strong emphasises on appropriate and timely disclosures and transparency in its business dealings.

Corporate Governance is a continuous process at IDFC. It is about commitment to values and ethical business conduct. Systems, policies and frameworks are regularly upgraded to meet the challenges of rapid growth in a dynamic external business environment.


Annual Report and Accounts 2022-23

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