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Mumbai; February 26, 2014

Revised Toll Rates and Discounted Monthly passes for Kherki Dhaula and IGIA Toll plaza on the Delhi Gurgaon Expressway

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February 25, 2014, Mumbai : Post the order of Delhi High Court dated 19th February 2014, the Lenders, in their capacity as Receivers for the Project, have appointed Feedback Brisa as their Operation, Maintenance & Tolling (OMT) contractor for the Delhi Gurgaon Expressway Project. The OMT Contractor is in the process of taking over the Operation, Maintenance & Tolling of the Expressway, given the huge complexities and challenges connected with the Delhi Gurgaon Expressway and stabilizing the operations of the Expressway.

The Ministry of Road Transport and Highways had, pursuant to the order of Delhi High Court, subsequently issued a notification on the removal of toll collection at the km 24 Sirhaul Toll plaza and revision of rates of toll collection at the km 42 Kherki Dhaula Toll Plaza and IGIA Toll Plaza.

Keeping in mind the ease and convenience to commuters and general public at large, whilst the toll collection was stopped with immediate effect at the km 24 Sirhaul Toll Plaza, the toll collection at revised rates for the km 42 Kherki Toll Plaza was put on hold till the availability of monthly passes, to be issued to commuters, were assured. It may be noted that the monthly passes are at a discount to the normal toll rates and it was intended to effect the revised toll rates only after ensuring that the regular commuters at km 42 Kherki Dhaula Toll Plaza could opt for the monthly passes, if they so desire. The monthly passes would be available at km 42 Kherki Toll Plaza and at toll booths to start with and the revised rates for toll collection at km 42 Kherki Dhaula Toll Plaza and IGIA Toll Plaza will also come into effect from midnight of February 25th 2014. There will be a simple process for issuing monthly passes so as not to inconvenience the commuters.

To facilitate operational ease for regular commuters, various new initiatives are being undertaken. These include introduction of Electronic Toll Collection (ETC) System with online/ kiosk uploads (for paying toll) in the near future with the intent to make the tolling more efficient which will ensure a smooth flow of traffic. There will also be dedicated helpdesks for lodging customer complaints at km 42 Kherki Dhaula Toll Plaza and/ or Delhi Gurgaon Expressway Helpline.

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